Blank book, parallel reading, 2015

Slow Motion / Et in Arcadia Ego / Long Play, 2013 – 14

Continual collaboration with Viktor Fuček resulted in several performative installations exploring subtle relations of body and motion with its environment using only clear paper and its folding by our movement in communicative and expressive means. Paper is left at all times blank as potential space and trace in a larger body in particular surroundings.

From a larger body of  performances, 2012

Each frame of video is one painting from 12-18th century European art archive ordered alphabetically according to name of authors. Ambiguity of body and pictorial metaphors slashing it create a meta-space of contemplation and perception of symbols.

Tempted/To linger

10-day-long continual performative exhibition at Gallery AVU, 2011

Using most simple yet complex materials as charcoal on white walls and chalk on blackboards as polarities of mark making, I use two literary sources for re-creating a subjective space for interpretation of these notations with references towards post war painting as a statement in itself.

From a larger body of performances, 2009 – 2012

Work minimalistically explores notions of archetypal ritual with references towards romantic landscape painting.

Immersion archive (2009 – 2011)

2-year-long project spanning across medias from video to installation and performance exploring the immersive state of mind, perception of time and sensitivity of seasonal changes and their conceptualisation in a digital age.