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Artist statement

I work in painting which allows me to seek, trace and create a space with immediacy of mark-making process and brushwork.

My works emerge intuitively and are perpetually dealing with a space among landscape, recollections, imagination, sense and memory. Over period of time I am developing my approach to expression which does not confine into one way of seeing, rather allows to expand ways of looking that unravel and change in time. It is leading me to a visual investigation of painting (as a principle and a method of thinking) which has its space in repeated and constant process in the struggle for the metamorphosis of the trace into a vision.

I am curious about a perception of the inner and outer space where these polarities coexist, refer and gain other visually associative qualities.

To expand my works on canvas I am seeking possibilities to its installation as a way of enhancing the quality of its visual experience, perception and understanding.